Why your next team retreat should be in Italy

Why your next team retreat should be in Italy

How can your team learn to cooperate and perform under pressure? By hiking through Cinque Terre. How can your employees learn to take better decisions? By rafting on the Noce River. What is the best way to relax and boost their creativity? Gazing at vineyards in Tuscany. Yes, that’s how most corporate firms build teams today. They send their employees on a team retreat that brings out the best in each member. And Italy is the best place for this purpose.

Why are companies sending their employees for a company retreat?

Technology has provided us with the framework to work from home or any remote location. However, most companies still preferred their employees to sit together in an office and work in teams till the pandemic hit us. The covid crisis forced us to use technology and switch to work-from-home mode. Today you will find members spread across the globe and working against the clock on mutual projects. 

However, the cultural barriers remain, and often teams become weak due to the differences in the mentalities of the co-members. The members cannot gel into a cohesive group. The groups remain weak as the members are not motivated enough to pursue the common objective. Company retreats give them an excellent opportunity to bond with other members and develop a strong squad. Thus, the demand for customized team retreats is increasing all over the world. The companies prefer to organize such events in countries with scenic landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Away from workplaces, colleagues can forget all their corporate worries and get into a lighter mood that is conducive to picking up new capabilities and honing old skills.

Why is Italy the ideal destination for team building?

Italy is a European country famous for its art, culture, architecture, and food. Incredible landscapes, rich history, and thriving culture make Italy a well-known tourist spot. From the snow-covered peaks in the north to the valleys in the foothills, from the pretty lakes like Como to rolling hills in the south, Italy offers a mind-boggling variation in landscapes that satiate every soul.

Whether you want your team to explore ancient culture or historical places, whether you want them to take interest in culinary skills or observe nature, Italy is the best place for company get-togethers. The objective of a team retreat is to enable employees to understand their limitations and go beyond. Team events empower employees to appreciate their potential and reach it. These events also help them to learn new skills they can apply to excel in their jobs.

Italy, with its range of landscapes and scopes of activities, allows team members to relax, connect to others, and create a strong team. It is well-connected to all the major countries of the world; it has an advanced tourism infrastructure; the hotels and resorts are located near airports, thereby reducing commuting time. In addition, Italy is a safe and friendly place for tourists.

You can plan brilliant fun events or intriguing educational workshops in Italy. TeamRetreats have hosted innumerable team bonding events in various cities in Italy. We choose locations that suit the temperament of the workers. With our invaluable experience in hosting such programs, we can suggest the ideal spot to arrange your next corporate team-building episode.

The best places to host company retreats in Italy

As we mentioned earlier, Italy is a lovely country to organize corporate bonding events. TeamRetreats offer team events in viable locations in Italy where everyone can travel with ease. Based on company preferences, we offer team-building programs in the following places in Italy.

Rome – the perfect place to host team events

The ‘eternal city’ doesn’t require any introduction. It is home to historical monuments like the Colosseum, the Pantheon and St. Peter’s Basilica that attract millions of tourists every year. Being versatile and full of natural wonders, Rome offers innumerable activities for team retreats. Whether your employees love adventure or history, whether mystery excites them or food, there is something for everyone in this eternal city.

Rome provides the perfect backdrop to organize team events. You can set up treasure hunts that test the skills of your members to dig out clues and solve puzzles. We also customize our packages to include activities like cooking, rafting, bike tours, walking tours, in-house games, and lots of exciting assignments. 

Food trail in Rome – As a starter, you can choose a local guided food tour to allow the teammates to know each other well. These tours are led by locals who know authentic restaurants and cafes. Encourage your members to choose a night food tour or dessert tour to learn about traditional dishes.

The team will be taken on a tour of Rome that includes prime spots like the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum. As they hop from one place to another, the guide will take them to famous restaurants and eateries to try local food. The members can learn everything about the culture, art, and history of Rome through these tours.

Cook like a pro – Cooking is an ideal team-building activity for people of any age. We arrange for professional chefs to teach co-workers the basics of Italian cooking. These cooking classes are fun-filled and involve all team members. They work together and use their skills to prepare different dishes. Later on, they enjoy great food with everyone, creating a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Go on a treasure hunt – This is an exciting and widely popular activity that most corporate houses prefer to include in their team events. TeamRetreats also includes this in their event package. We coordinate these treasure hunts based on themes that suit the villa or resort where our guests are staying. Both fun-filled and challenging, these games give employees ample scope to enjoy and learn through strategizing and collaborating with others. 

Sicily – Italian capital of culture

It is the largest area in Italy. Sicily is an ideal travel destination for group activities. It has a mild climate and a well-developed infrastructure. Set inside the Mediterranean Sea, it is a beautiful place to know your co-workers and bond with them. 

Team building in Sicily

How about exploring Sicily and simultaneously developing leadership skills? Are you ready to explore this beautiful island and encourage your co-members to build group dynamics? TeamRetreats offers excellent opportunities to stimulate problem-solving abilities and overcome obstacles while learning the Sicilian way of life. 

Mt. Etna challenge – Mt. Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe, so one misses the chance to visit this natural phenomenon. Hiking Mt. Etna is a challenging task that teams achieve by planning, solving problems, and using their leadership skills. A treasure hunt game on Mt. Etna adds to the fun. The activity also allows the members to adapt to a new environment while working on a common goal.

A sailing challenge in Sicily – Explore the coastline of Sicily while learning to navigate a boat. This thrilling activity calls for the members’ conflict management and relationship-building skills. The endeavor builds trust among colleagues and consolidates the team.

Learn to make pizza – We want the participants in our team-building program to take back a little of Italy along with them. The cooking classes give them the scope to learn traditional Sicilian dishes while bonding over baking, sauteing, and frying. Our chef will share the secret ingredients that make Italian pasta and pizza delicious. The added advantage is that the members learn the benefits of cooperation and working in a group.

Hit outdoors in Sicily – The mild weather and the allure of water make everybody long to stay outdoors in Sicily. That’s why TeamRetreats have planned several events to encourage the participants to try bodypainting, rafting, scuba diving, scuba treasure hunting and many exciting events.

If this sounds gripping, you must give them a try. Let us curate and plan the perfect company retreat for your employees. After years of providing team retreat services, we have become experienced in handling all types of groups and company cultures. We customize our courses to suit your needs. Be it a small group or a large team, we will make the company vacation a memorable experience for all.

Tuscany – the land of high culture

Located in central Italy, Tuscany is known for its connection with the Renaissance. It is the land of Botticelli and Michelangelo and hosts some of the finest specimens of Italian art. The diversity in landscapes makes it popular with tourists. People flock to Tuscany to taste its wine, participate in outdoor activities, and get mesmerized by the rolling hills, golden vineyards, quaint villages, and glorious monuments.

Many companies prefer to undertake team-building events in Tuscany due to its natural beauty and cultural richness. We also love to invite our guests to taste Tuscany food, wine, and incredible landscape.

The most famous team events in Tuscany are cooking classes, bike rides, hot air balloon rides, treasure hunting, and vineyard visits, to name a few.

Grape stomping – Isn’t the name invigorating enough? We take the group on a vineyard tour and let them participate in the harvesting process. The participants are divided into small groups and given the task of grape stomping. The group that extracts the maximum liquid is declared the winner.

Florence – give your team a new life

Known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is home to many impressive architectural monuments. Florence also boasts of its artistic heritage, with works of Michelangelo, Dante, and Leonardo da Vinci adorning its museums. Being the capital of the Tuscany region, it is a popular tourist spot to witness the best of Tuscany.

Florence is set in an idyllic backdrop with lush green hills, undulating vineyards, and gushing streams. Thrilling team building meets are organized in Florence that allow the employees to develop new skills along with collaborating with others and enhancing group dynamics.

Rafting activity – rafting is not only an adventurous sport but a great activity to teach decision-making, problem-solving, and working together towards a goal. Thus, many companies include a rafting tour in their team development venture. We also have customized rafting team events in our services. 

Equipped with safety gear, our inmates go down the Arno River that flows through the historical part of Florence. In this unique rafting experience, you will visit landmarks like the Uffizi gallery, Ponte Vecchio bridge and Vasari corridor. 

The tour guides will share with you the amazing history of Florence so that you can appreciate its beauty and value. We are sure this will be a memorable experience for our guests.

Florence is a bike-friendly city, so we suggest you take a bike tour of the city that covers all the prime tourist spots. Accompanied by a local guide, the teammates will have a lovely time riding through Florence and imbibing its vibe. 

At the end of the day, they can share their experience with others and boost empathy among each other. 

Every team has to work under pressure and a vacation in Florence gives the perfect opportunity to pick up skills that help you to deliver under stress. 

We have designed puzzles and treasure hunts that will test the problem-solving and time-management skills of your workers. The team has to solve the puzzle within a set time to win. As you can guess, this activity is extremely helpful in building team spirit and developing collaboration skills. 

A winetasting day out is what your colleagues need to relax, allow their creative juice to flow, and bond with others. 

This event enables the participants to visit a vineyard and learn the technicalities of wine-making. The vineyards in Florence are set amidst nature, thereby ensuring the calmness that everybody needs to recharge themselves. 

Ambitious and risk-loving colleagues love thrilling sports like go-karting. We have electric go-kart tracks set with electric cars so that the team members can race against each other and enjoy the adrenaline rush. Pitted against each other, they will have fun and adventure at the same time. 

Large teams need special activities wherein everybody can join in. Dragon boating is a suitable event which lets the participants use their relationship and team skills. 

How TeamRetreats makes every team retreat so successful?

We are committed to making every corporate event a success by appropriate planning and customizing our services. 

For an effective team retreat in a remote location, it is vital to choose the right venue. With our services spread all over Italy and our experience in managing such occasions, we can suggest the best site to take your team. Depending on the demography and personalities of the members, you may select a city or any natural setting for the event. Again, the type of accommodation that would suit your teammates is another decisive factor. It can be a hotel, villa, resort, or even camps. To accommodate a big team, we book an entire hotel so that the colleagues may stay together.

We have tie-ups with hotels and other services all over Europe. Thus, whichever venue you choose, we will ensure you get the best services. Through our subsidiaries and own staff, we work hard to create unforgettable memories for every team.

The ideal destination for teams is Sicily if you want them to mix fun with adventure. Rome, Venice, or any city in Italy is best suited for work and team-building. Tuscany is the ultimate place for relaxing, getting connected to nature, and exploring your professional ambitions.

We have worked across different industries and learned about their specialities. We can suggest events that will match the job roles of participants. Of course, if you have anything particular in mind, we are open to improvization. We believe in pushing the envelope and going out of our comfort zone to help your employees leave behind their limitations and learn valuable skills. To achieve this, we sit with the companies multiple times to comprehend their goals and expectations. So, let us know your objective behind the co-working meet, and we can come up with games and activities to let your employees grow and reach their potential.

We design the team retreats to allow the contributors to mingle with each other, get de-stressed, and open up with us. This makes it easy for us to organize the events and achieve our goals. Our experience has taught us that team retreats become successful when we create an environment of trust, friendliness, and cooperation. Thus, our sole aim is to craft a positive environment to make every team retreat accomplish its goal.

Contact us to plan your next team retreat in Italy, and let us improvise the most innovative and exciting team meeting to boost team morale and inspire your employees to perform their best. Italy, with its historical landmarks, a bounty of natural wonders, rich culture and delightful culinary tradition, is the ideal place for your team to meet remotely. So, let’s plan the most stimulating team retreat today and fly with your team to Italy for the most exhilarating experience.

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