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Embark on a Maritime Retreat: Elevate Your Team’s Spirits by the Coast

Make your next team bonding retreat a maritime adventure with Team Retreats, where the beauty of coastal landscapes, the soothing sounds of waves, and the refreshing sea breeze create an unparalleled setting for team motivation and collaboration. Whether you choose our Lisbon seaside retreat, a beachfront business meetup in Amsterdam, or a sailing excursion in Mallorca or Sicily, our ocean retreats redefine team experiences.

In the world of business, success is not only about achieving your company goals but also fostering strong team dynamics. Many companies operate remotely or in hybrid models, leading to potential isolation among employees. Combat this by opting for our maritime retreat packages, specially designed to build connections, boost focus, and enhance teamwork.

Why opt for our ocean retreats?

At Team Retreats, we tailor our packages to meet your team’s unique needs and budgets, ensuring a hassle-free experience. We carefully select coastal destinations, offering corporate retreats by the sea in Málaga, Venice, Portofino, Miami, Athens, and more. Our packages encompass top-notch accommodations and exciting outdoor activities for teams of all sizes, creating a relaxing atmosphere ideal for team motivation and rejuvenation.

Barcelona, Spain
Beach club with chairs and umbrellas on beach during sunset

What makes maritime retreats unique?

Nature’s Tranquil Embrace: Immerse your team in the calming influence of coastal environments, fostering a relaxing atmosphere conducive to creativity and focus.

Team Motivation by the Sea: Unique coastal settings as for example in Malta, France, Croatia, or Italy inspire a sense of purpose and unity, motivating teams to collaborate and achieve common goals.

Focus on Well-being: Rejuvenate your team with breathtaking views, refreshing sea air, and water sport team-building and fun sport activities, promoting both physical and mental well-being.

Group Workation Bliss: Transform work into a pleasure by combining productivity with leisure in coastal surroundings, enhancing overall team satisfaction. Picture an ocean retreat on a cruise ship, where the rhythmic waves inspire creativity and relaxation, offering your team a unique and rejuvenating experience that goes beyond the traditional work setting.

Water Sport Excitement: Enrich your retreat with invigorating water sport activities, such as SUP, kayaking, or a sailing tour creating thrilling team experiences by the sea.

Unforgettable venues: Extraordinary venues like trendy beach clubs or cozy restaurants at the beach promenade offer a perfect blend of sophistication and relaxation, providing an idyllic setting for your maritime retreat. Immerse your team in the vibrant beach party atmosphere, where the sound of waves meets the finest cuisine, fostering an environment conducive to creativity, team motivation, and unforgettable moments of celebration and enjoyment.

At Team Retreats, we don’t just plan retreats; we curate experiences that redefine team dynamics and leave a lasting impact for your employees or remote working teams. Join us for a maritime retreat that transcends the ordinary, where the beautiful coastline becomes a canvas for creativity, collaboration, and unforgettable memories. Choose Team Retreats and let your team sail towards success!

retreat on the italian coast

A company retreat on the Italian coast can certainly be a unique and memorable experience for your team. It can offer a great opportunity to balance work with relaxation and exploration.

Some ideas for team-building activities that you can do on the coast are Sailing, Beach Olympics, Kayaking and Paddleboarding or even a Beach Cleanup.

Retreat in Croatia

Croatia boasts coastlines along the Adriatic Sea charming old towns surrounded by walls and dense forests offering a rich variety of attractions. From crystal waters and picturesque islands to majestic mountain views and lively cityscapes Croatia provides a captivating blend of environments, perfect for work.

Croatia is well known for its range of top notch conference facilities and meeting locations making it a great option.

Mallorca retreat

Mallorca a famous island known for its Mediterranean scenery features blue waters, striking mountains and quaint villages. The islands beauty, from its beaches to valleys creates an ideal backdrop, for work, leisure and exploration.

Engaging in Mallorca’s diverse cultural and natural experiences can significantly enhance team cohesion and collaboration. 

Workation on a beautiful island

A workation on an island can be a great way to foster productivity, creativity, and team spirit.

A team retreat on an island can also provide an opportunity for team bonding and collaboration. By working and exploring together in a new environment, team members can build stronger relationships and learn to work together more effectively.

team building by a lake

Team building by a lake can be a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Challenge your team with Kayaking or Canoeing or other Lake Activities like water skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing. These activities can be a fun way to encourage teamwork and friendly competition.

Retreat in andalusia

Andalusia, known for its scenery showcases a blend of Moorish design, picturesque villages and lively streets. The regions stunning natural landscapes are also a standout feature, including beaches, rugged mountains and verdant countryside. With its variety of settings Andalusia is  a destination for work and discovery.

Cities like Málaga, Granada or Sevilla offer a variety of top-tier conference venues, meeting spaces and co-working spaces.

Why choose us?

Customer Reviews

Working with ItaliaPlus for our business retreats is one of the best things we did as an events team. I had the pleasure to work closely with the ItaliaPlus team regarding accommodation scouting and management, F&B, activities for the group, and many more. I can confidently say they are always there for us, flexible, and solution-oriented with great ideas and implementation. In the last year, we have already co-organized more than 10 company & team retreats together, all with great success, both for us as the organizing team and most importantly for our guests.
Blockchain Company
We have repeatedly been able to rely on the support of the competent team of Italiaplus, be it location research, tour planning or the application for permits for the use of public areas for photo and video recordings - always Italiaplus was able to support us very quickly and competently The agency did not face any difficulties with supporting programs for group travel - we will be happy to rely on professional support in the future as well.
Sven Glaas
Projekt X
It has always been a lot of fun to realize with both events, when you spend so much time together, the personal is enormously important.With their charm, their sympathy, a very special dynamic, the two convinced us after a short time and we have always had a good feeling and confidence in the team of Italiaplus, which is rare, and at an event of this size many unforeseen things happen that need to be resolved: professional communication and the way challenges are handled, has helped us a lot in many situations - there are no problems - sleeves are high and let's go.
Nadja Groos
Vapiana SE
It was a lot of fun working together with colleagues from Italiaplus, the always reliable and professional support has made a major contribution to the success, problems were always solved quickly and pragmatically, the pleasant way was an additional plus next joint action!
Anne Wollek
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Germany AG
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