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Embark, on an adventure with our Mallorca Maritime Retreat, where exciting team building activities await you amidst the beaches and lush scenery of Mallorca. This isn’t any corporate getaway; it’s a transformative experience crafted to build strong bonds and spark creativity within your team.

Wondering why Mallorca should be your pick for a team retreat?

Nestled in the Mediterranean Mallorca is a gem of the Balearic Islands blending breathtaking natural beauty with a vibrant cultural tapestry. It provides a perfect setting for teams to blend work with leisure boosting collaboration and fostering relationships. With over 15 years of expertise in organizing customized retreats Team Retreats by Italiaplus offers adaptable and dedicated planning services. We ensure that your team not enjoys a retreat but also encounters a moment in one of Europes most enchanting locations.

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Our Mallorca Maritime Retreat Offers:

  • Tailored Team Building Activities: Dive into Mallorca’s rich heritage and stunning natural environments with activities designed to strengthen team bonds and enhance collaborative skills. Whether it’s coastal challenges or cultural explorations in beautiful villages, every activity is crafted to bring your team closer together.
  • Ideal Meeting and Co-Working Spaces: Benefit from first-class meeting and co-working spaces scattered across Mallorca’s scenic locales, ideal for fostering networking, collaboration, and productivity. These spaces ensure that your retreat blends team bonding with essential opportunities for professional growth.
  • Comprehensive Logistical Support: We handle every aspect of your retreat, from comfortable accommodations in prime locations to transport and dining solutions, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Our comprehensive support also includes necessary insurance coverage for your complete peace of mind.
  • Expert On-Site Event Management: Our team of expert event planners and project managers will accompany you throughout your retreat, guaranteeing seamless execution and support for all your needs, ensuring your retreat runs perfectly.
  • Authentic Local Experiences: Immerse your team in the authentic charm of Mallorca as you partake in exclusive workshops, indulge in local delicacies, and discover hidden gems known only to residents.
  • Customizable Retreat Themes: Tailor your retreat to focus on specific objectives like leadership development, creativity boosting, or simply unwinding and bonding. Our retreats are adaptable to align with your team’s unique needs and ambitions.

Experience the transformative power of a Mallorca Maritime Retreat. Contact us now and turn your team’s dynamics into a powerhouse of innovation and collaboration.

Palma de Mallorca, ES
May 29, 2024
temperature icon 17°C
few clouds
Humidity Humidity: 88 %
Pressure Pressure: 1014 mb
Wind Wind: 0 mph
Wind Gust Wind Gust: 0 mph
Clouds Clouds: 20%
Visibility Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise Sunrise: 6:25 am
Sunset Sunset: 9:08 pm

Accommodations for Groups of any size in Mallorca

When you visit Mallorca with your team, you’ll discover a range of hotels ideally tailored to meet your needs. Enjoy a mix of relaxation, exploration, and team-building, with hotel options perfectly arranged for groups eager to experience the island’s captivating charm. Discover the blend of hospitality and excitement on the beautiful island of Mallorca!

Group Activities in Mallorca to choose from

Whether you’re strolling along the stunning beaches and scenic trails or participating in engaging workshops, Mallorca’s enchanting landscape is ready for your group to explore. Dive into a blend of fun, learning and teamwork on this stunning island!

Set sail on the deep blue sea aboard a giant catamaran, with a Mediterranean breeze and plenty of sunshine providing the perfect backdrop for a relaxing and fun day. Under the raised sails in secluded bays, your team can unwind together. Music and drinks are provided, enhancing the communal atmosphere. A diverse lunch menu offers something for everyone, and optional activities like water sports or a caricaturist are available to foster team spirit and provide memorable entertainment.

Team Challange

This exciting event is tailored to match the interests and strengths of each team, fostering enhanced teamwork and collaboration. By focusing on activities that engage and challenge the team, it promotes cooperation and mutual support. Additionally, it offers a unique way to explore Mallorca by combining competition with cultural site visits and discovering hidden treasures throughout the city. 

Experience the flavors of Spain with a paella workshop tailored for team retreat in Mallorca. This interactive cooking session not only teaches your team how to create authentic paella but also fosters collaboration and communication. Surrounded by Mallorca’s stunning scenery, it’s a perfect blend of culinary skill-building and team bonding. During the workshop, you’ll also learn about the origins and cultural significance of paella.

Wine tasting Barcelona

Embark on an exclusive wine tour in Mallorca, visiting two renowned wineries where you’ll indulge in expert-led tastings of their finest vintages. At each winery, enjoy a selection of local delicacies paired perfectly with the wines, enhancing the flavors and your overall experience. The tour also includes a light lunch at one of the wineries, set against the picturesque backdrop of vine-covered hills, making it a memorable culinary journey for your team.

Dive into an exciting treasure hunt activity, where the beautiful landscapes of your chosen location serve as the backdrop. This engaging challenge encourages teamwork and strategic thinking as participants solve clues and navigate through intriguing routes to find hidden treasures. It’s a fun and adventurous way to strengthen bonds and enhance problem-solving skills within the team.

Segway Tour Palma Mallorca

Enhance your corporate retreat in Mallorca with a Segway tour through the heart of Palma. This efficient and fun mode of transportation allows your team to explore more of the city in just two hours than they could on foot in an entire afternoon. Glide past Palma’s famous landmarks and delve into cobbled alleyways to uncover hidden gems, all facilitated by a knowledgeable guide who brings the city’s stories to life. This activity is perfect for team building and experiencing local culture together.

Snacks in tapas bar in Spain, traditional Spanish food.

Explore Palma de Mallorca with your team on a private tasting tour. Stroll through historic streets, visit the lively Santa Catalina Market, and sample Spanish favorites like croquettes and coca de pimiento. This tailored experience not only enhances team bonding but also immerses you in Spanish cuisine through personal interactions at local eateries and markets. Perfect for team retreats, this tour ensures a memorable and personalized culinary adventure for everyone.

Group of young woman fitness instructor in sportswear stretching at the beach on a yoga mat with her group of students. Female fitness yoga routine concept

Elevate your corporate retreat in Mallorca with a rejuvenating yoga class set against the island’s stunning natural backdrop. This calming and invigorating session is perfect for team bonding, allowing participants to unwind and refocus amidst their busy schedules. A skilled instructor will guide your team through various poses and breathing techniques, fostering relaxation and mindfulness. This activity not only enhances physical well-being but also strengthens mental clarity and team cohesion.

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Why Team Retreats by Italiaplus?

Praised for our solution-oriented approach and professionalism, we are the go-to choice for companies seeking to invigorate their team dynamics and foster collaboration in inspiring settings. Our bespoke retreats are not just trips; they are experiences designed to enhance team bonding and efficiency, especially for remote or hybrid teams.

Sample Itinerary for your Company Retreat in Mallorca

Experience tailor-made retreats with us, offering flexibility in duration to perfectly suit your schedule. Every day is customizable, ensuring your retreat exactly matches your desires and goals.

Day 1 - Check-in, Meetings & Dinner in the Hotel

  • Arrival at your hotel & Check-in
  • Afternoon meetings with a coffee break
  • Free time & time to freshen-up
  • Get Together & Welcome drink
  • Dinner in the hotel

Day 2 - Meetings, Workshops & Group Activity

  • Morning fitness or yoga class
  • Half-day meetings and workshops
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • Team building activity (e.g., catamaran cruise, wine tour, tapas tour, ) for the whole group or smaller groups
  • Evening at leisure or free choice or dinner arrangement

Day 3 - Meetings & Co-Working, Closing Dinner

  • Full- or half-day meetings & workshops
  • Lunch in the hotel
  • Co-Working & Networking in the afternoon
  • Free time
  • Dinner at a beautiful Finca

Day 4 - Half day Meetings, Lunch & Departure

  • After Breakfast Check-out
  • Half day meetings
  • Coffee break in the morning
  • Lunch in the hotel
  • Departure

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