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Vienna Team Retreat

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Welcome to our Vienna City Retreat, a unique corporate team-building adventure where Vienna’s rich history and breathtaking cityscapes set the stage for an unforgettable team-building journey.

Why Choose Vienna for Your Next Team Retreat?

Nestled between the majestic Alps and the winding Danube River, Vienna — Austria’s capital of culture and innovation — is a city where historical elegance converges with contemporary vibrancy. It’s the ideal environment for teams aiming to merge work, relaxation, and transformative bonding experiences. With over 15 years of expertise in crafting personalized corporate retreats, Team Retreats by Italiaplus provides a professional, adaptable, and genuine retreat planning service, ensuring your team experiences not just a retreat, but a landmark event in one of Europe’s most enchanting cities.

Our Retreat Experts will discuss the possibilities of organizing a tailored retreat for you.

Our Vienna City Retreat Offers:

  • Tailored Team Building Activities: From interactive city tours that delve into Vienna’s history and culture, to team challenges that traverse its charming streets and districts, every activity is crafted to fortify team bonds and boost collaborative skills.
  • Ideal Meeting and Co-Working Spaces: Our retreat provides access to top-notch meeting and co-working facilities in Vienna, perfect for promoting networking, collaboration, and productivity. This ensures your retreat seamlessly integrates team bonding with opportunities for professional advancement.
  • Comprehensive Logistical Support: We take care of every detail, ensuring ease and security throughout your retreat. From accommodations in centrally located hotels to transportation and dining arrangements, we’ve got everything handled. Our retreats also include necessary insurance coverage for your peace of mind.
  • Expert On-Site Event Management: Our dedicated team of event planners and project managers will be with you every step of the way, ensuring flawless execution and support for all your retreat needs.
  • Authentic Local Experiences: Immerse your team in Vienna’s unique fusion of tradition and innovation. Engage in exclusive workshops, savor local cuisine, and explore secret spots only known to locals.
  • Customizable Retreat Themes: Whether you aim to focus on leadership development, creativity enhancement, or simply relaxing and bonding, our retreats are customized to meet your team’s specific needs and goals.
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Hotels for All Group Sizes in Vienna

When travelling with your team to Vienna, you’ll discover a variety of hotels perfectly suited for all your needs. Dive into a mix of relaxation, education, and teamwork, paired with accommodations specifically tailored for groups eager to explore Austria’s enchanting capital. Experience the blend of hospitality and excitement in Vienna!

Group Activities in Vienna to choose from

Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets and historical landmarks or engaging in interactive workshops, Austria’s charming capital is ready to be explored by your group. Immerse yourself in a mix of enjoyment, education, and cooperation in Vienna!

Preparation handmade chocolate candies, close up

Kick off a sweet adventure that strengthens your team’s camaraderie and creativity! Boost your team spirit and have loads of fun! In this Chocolatier workshop, you and your team will learn how to craft your own chocolate and have the opportunity to create up to 24 different pralines per person! Working together on a creative task like chocolate-making helps build stronger bonds between team members.

Team Challange

This exciting event is tailored to match the interests and strengths of each team, fostering enhanced teamwork and collaboration. By focusing on activities that engage and challenge the team, it promotes cooperation and mutual support. Additionally, it offers a unique way to explore Vienna by combining competition with cultural site visits and discovering hidden treasures throughout the city. This approach not only strengthens team connections but also enriches the experience, creating a memorable adventure of personal growth and collective discovery.

Discover Vienna from the water with our Boat Tour on the Danube and the Danube Canal. This refreshing team activity not only strengthens bonds but also offers a relaxing escape as you navigate past the city’s stunning landmarks. Ideal for team-building and unwinding, this tour combines scenic beauty with a unique perspective of Vienna.

Fried sliced weiner schnitzel on a wooden board with herbs. Black background. Top view. Copy space.

Start your culinary journey with an unforgettable experience that combines cooking and camaraderie! Experience the flavors of Austria with our exclusive cooking class! Included in the course fee are a welcoming Italian Prosecco aperitif, carefully selected Austrian wines, non-alcoholic beverages, fair-trade Brigantes coffee, and all the ingredients needed for a delicious 3-course meal. You’ll also receive a loaner apron and recipes to take home. This activity is perfect for teams looking to bond over the joy of cooking while enjoying a taste of local and international culinary delights.

Young team on a treasure hunt while geocaching in the summer team building workshop

Explore Vienna’s hidden gems with our Treasure Hunt activity. This engaging team adventure challenges your group to solve puzzles and find clues scattered across the city’s historic sites. It’s the perfect way to combine teamwork, exploration, and fun, offering a dynamic way to experience Vienna’s rich culture and history. Ideal for boosting team spirit and problem-solving skills, this treasure hunt turns the city into an exciting game board.

Experience the thrill of the Vienna Highland Games, an exhilarating team event where Scottish culture meets Viennese charm. This event blends Austria and Scotland, featuring activities from the traditional Highland Games like the two-person saw and tug-of-war, along with a Scotland quiz and caber toss. These activities are designed to strengthen team bonds and enhance coordination, strength, and intellect, all while offering a unique cultural immersion. Perfect for teams looking to foster unity and compete for the top spot in a spirited competition.

extreme vacation, girl in a yellow helmet rope park active holidays in the forest

Dive into adventure with our Forest Rope Park and 3D Archery experience, including a traditional Austrian “Brettljause” snack. This activity takes your team through thrilling high-rope courses and realistic 3D archery challenges. It’s an excellent way to build trust, improve communication and strengthen teamwork, all while enjoying some fun and physical challenges. Perfect for teams looking to blend active outdoor adventure.

Dive into the creative world at the Vienna Film Crafting Event, where you and your team can craft your own unique short films. Armed with an iPad and a theme, you’ll transform from colleagues to filmmakers—scripting, shooting, and editing your cinematic creations. Embrace new roles, from director to star, and unleash your team’s creativity. The experience culminates in a shared viewing of your films, celebrating your collaborative masterpiece. Perfect for those looking to add a spark of creativity to their team dynamics.

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Why Team Retreats by Italiaplus?

Praised for our solution-oriented approach and professionalism, we are the go-to choice for companies seeking to invigorate their team dynamics and foster collaboration in inspiring settings. Our bespoke retreats are not just trips; they are experiences designed to enhance team bonding and efficiency, especially for remote or hybrid teams.

Sample Itinerary for your Company Retreat in Vienna

Experience tailor-made retreats with us, offering flexibility in duration to perfectly suit your schedule. Every day is customizable, ensuring your retreat exactly matches your desires and goals.

Day 1 - Check-in, Meetings & Dinner in the Hotel

  • Arrival at your hotel & Check-in
  • Afternoon meetings with a coffee break
  • Free time & time to freshen-up
  • Get Together & Welcome drink
  • Dinner in the hotel

Day 2 - Meetings, Workshops & Sightseeing Tour

  • After breakfast meetings and workshops
  • Coffee break in the morning
  • Lunch in the hotel
  • Meetings, workshops and Co-Working after lunch
  • In the afternoon sightseeing tour in Vienna
  • Dinner in a nearby typical restaurant

Day 3 - Workout, Meetings & Team Building Activity

  • Morning fitness and team workout
  • Half-day meetings and workshops
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • Team building activity (e.g., cooking workshop, boat tour) for the whole group or smaller groups
  • Evening at leisure or free choice or dinner arrangement

Day 4 - Meetings & Co-Working, Closing Dinner

  • Full- or half-day meetings & workshops
  • Lunch in the hotel
  • Co-Working & Networking in the afternoon
  • Free time
  • Dinner in a beautiful restaurant
  • Closing night in a trendy bar with music

Day 5 - Half day Meetings, Lunch & Departure

  • After Breakfast Check-out
  • Half day meetings
  • Coffee break in the morning
  • Lunch in the hotel
  • Departure

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