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Retreats in the Countryside

Elevate your team bonding experience with our Countryside Retreats – a perfect blend of nature, team bonding, and sustainable practices. Swap the bustling cityscape for the tranquility of the countryside and transform your next team retreat into a game-changer. Whether you choose our serene retreat in the English, German or countryside, a picturesque haven in the heart of Tuscany, or an eco-friendly lodge nestled in the Dutch countryside, our countryside retreats are designed to foster team collaboration and motivation, focus, and well-being.

At Team Retreats, we understand the importance of fostering connections among team members, especially in the context of remote or hybrid work environments. Our countryside retreats offer the ideal setting for team motivation, encouraging genuine interactions and the development of strong relationships among colleagues. Embrace the beauty of nature as a backdrop for team-building activities that not only enhance teamwork but also promote a sense of unity and shared purpose.

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Teamwork is at the core of our countryside retreat experiences. Whether you’re looking for a focused corporate retreat or a group workation that combines productivity with relaxation, our retreats provide the perfect environment. Engage in outdoor activities that not only challenge your team but also promote a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to team building.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the selection of retreat venues. We carefully choose destinations that align with our clients’ requirements while prioritizing environmentally conscious options. Immerse your team in the serenity of nature while enjoying top-notch accommodations and participating in eco-friendly team-building activities.

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Why Choose Us for Your Next Countryside Retreat?


Choose from our offers and tailor your retreat based on your team’s unique needs and goals, ensuring a personalized and impactful experience.

Scenic Diversity

Explore retreat options in stunning countryside locations such as Provence in France, the Scottish Highlands, the German Tegernsee area, and more.

Holistic Packages

Our packages encompass everything from typical and authentic accommodations to engaging outdoor activities for teams of all sizes, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfying experience.

Eco-Conscious Selection

Immerse your team in nature while upholding sustainable practices, as we prioritize environmentally friendly retreat locations and outdoor activities.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our team’s expertise in curating memorable experiences, ensuring your team event aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

Enhanced Well-being

Foster team well-being by combining the tranquility of the countryside with purposeful team-building activities, promoting a balanced and positive atmosphere.

Timely Offerings

Align your retreat with global and regional events and celebrations, enhancing the overall experience for your team.

Invest in your team’s well-being, creativity, and camaraderie with Team Retreats’ Countryside Retreats. Let us help you create a retreat that not only meets but exceeds your team’s expectations.


A company retreat in Tuscany can be an excellent way to bring the team-spirit back to life, and a yoga retreat can be a great way to help team members relax, de-stress, and bond with each other.

We plan team-building activities as cooking-classes, excursion with a Quad or E-Bike or a wine-tasting tour. Help your team members to recharge and come back refreshed and energized.


A winter retreat in Austria sounds like a great opportunity to bring your team together and engage in some fun and exciting activities. Skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are all great options to consider for a winter team retreat.

Co-working and team building in a beautiful environment can certainly inspire and motivate your team. Being in a picturesque location can help your team members to feel refreshed, energized, and more productive.


Make the next Retreat a Gamechanger with a retreat in a beautiful countryside in a small village in France, Croatia or Italy.

By combining yoga, team-building activities, and relaxation time, you can create a company retreat that helps team members connect with each other and rejuvenate their minds and bodies.

RETREAT in the Italian Countryside

The beautiful landscapes of Italy featuring gentle hills, vineyards and olive orchards create a peaceful and scenic backdrop. The area is sprinkled with villages, classic art from the Renaissance period and charming farmhouses offering a mix of cultural experiences and natural beauty. 

Whether you’re enjoying wine sampling or exploring sites in Umbria, the serene charm and historical richness of the countryside make it an ideal destination, for work retreats unwinding and discovering new places.

Why choose us?

Customer Reviews

Working with ItaliaPlus for our business retreats is one of the best things we did as an events team. I had the pleasure to work closely with the ItaliaPlus team regarding accommodation scouting and management, F&B, activities for the group, and many more. I can confidently say they are always there for us, flexible, and solution-oriented with great ideas and implementation. In the last year, we have already co-organized more than 10 company & team retreats together, all with great success, both for us as the organizing team and most importantly for our guests.
Blockchain Company
We have repeatedly been able to rely on the support of the competent team of Italiaplus, be it location research, tour planning or the application for permits for the use of public areas for photo and video recordings - always Italiaplus was able to support us very quickly and competently The agency did not face any difficulties with supporting programs for group travel - we will be happy to rely on professional support in the future as well.
Sven Glaas
Projekt X
It has always been a lot of fun to realize with both events, when you spend so much time together, the personal is enormously important.With their charm, their sympathy, a very special dynamic, the two convinced us after a short time and we have always had a good feeling and confidence in the team of Italiaplus, which is rare, and at an event of this size many unforeseen things happen that need to be resolved: professional communication and the way challenges are handled, has helped us a lot in many situations - there are no problems - sleeves are high and let's go.
Nadja Groos
Vapiana SE
It was a lot of fun working together with colleagues from Italiaplus, the always reliable and professional support has made a major contribution to the success, problems were always solved quickly and pragmatically, the pleasant way was an additional plus next joint action!
Anne Wollek
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Germany AG
Team Retreats by Italiaplus

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

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Phil Jackson