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We offer a wide range of customizable retreat packages – from Bleisure Travel to an employee workation or a yoga retreat. Benefit from our professional and personalized planning services that cater to your unique needs and goals. Also, if you want to plan a city retreat for team building in Lisbon, Amsterdam, Paris, etc., contact us.

In today’s modern era, corporate retreats have become a well-known option for many businesses. These types of retreats have helped in bringing many teams together. 

There are many companies that have remote and hybrid team work stations, and some teams do not even meet each other in person. Not having proper face-to-face interaction can make the employees feel unmotivated and isolated. 

Occasional team conferences and meetings are also enough. This is where companies like Team Retreats come in. We offer luxury executive retreats to all our interested customers where they can communicate, get to know, and have a good time with the team members. 

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Why are building retreats ideal for companies?

The team building gateways have their own set of advantages, and one of them is that these retreats can help foster the company culture. We believe that taking up our team building retreat options can help build new friendships and combat loneliness. 

But apart from that, we from the Team Retreats believe that there are several other reasons to opt for these corporate retreats. These are:

  • Going on corporate retreats with the team members can build trust
  • It will magnify the communication among the team members 
  • Help improve the strategic planning skills among all the team members 
  • Retreats can develop creative thinking among the members of a team 
  • With these, team members will get to build a strong bond with one another

Apart from all that, our company team building retreats will also lead to the improvement of team collaboration. In other words, it will allow a company’s team to work together, which will, in return, allow them to stay motivated and help out team members.

What makes our team-building retreats better?

Yes, we are well aware that there are other companies out there that offer these types of retreats. But we are not the same as our competitors and don’t function like they do. Taking up our retreats will not just help save time but also:

  • Get a team building retreat on his/her choice
  • Our experts will educate the customers about the retreats
  • All our retreats are highly affordable

Choose Team Retreats and Its Retreat Options

Taking the team building retreats from Team Retreats will be worth every penny one gets to spend. We offer some of the best corporate retreats, which customers will not find elsewhere. Get a quote from us today!

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Funny Team-Building activities

Organizing a tailor-made exclusive corporate retreat with funny team-building activities as a yoga trip along the coast can be a fun and effective way to improve team morale, enhance communication and collaboration, improve problem-solving skills, and achieve specific organizational goals.

By investing in your team’s well-being, you can improve their performance and productivity, and create a more positive work environment.

Yoga Retreat

You are a yoga teacher and would like to offer a customized yoga retreat for your community?

Before planning the retreat in a wonderful, natural environment, it’s important to identify the purpose and goals of the retreat. Consider the needs and interests of your community, and determine what kind of experience you want to offer. Some possible goals could include relaxation, stress relief, mindfulness, or physical challenge.

Team Building Activities - Yoga
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team retreat for large groups

Join us for a retreat experience tailored for groups! Whether you’re organizing a team building event or a conference our retreat offers a mix of fun activities, comfortable accommodations and customized programs to cater to everyone. Our skilled organizers take care of every aspect, with precision ensuring an fulfilling experience.

Immerse your group in an atmosphere that encourages connection, creativity and relaxation. Come make memories and build relationships in a space designed for hosting and enjoying large gatherings.

Business Bootcamp

You have built up a community through your business and would now like to exchange ideas more intensively with your loyal customers?

You focus on your community to strengthen the bond and go in depth. We take care of the planning, logistics and billing of your trip for you and all participants. With this customized trip you provide a unique and memorable experience to your community.

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Luxury Retreat

A luxury corporate retreat can be customized to meet the specific needs and interests of your employees. This means that you can create a retreat that caters to their preferences, making them feel valued and appreciated.

A corporate retreat or team workation can provide numerous benefits for your employees, including relaxation, personalization, team building, recognition, and a unique experience. By investing in your employees’ well-being and creating a positive work environment, you can improve their satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.

Why choose us?

Customer Reviews

Working with ItaliaPlus for our business retreats is one of the best things we did as an events team. I had the pleasure to work closely with the ItaliaPlus team regarding accommodation scouting and management, F&B, activities for the group, and many more. I can confidently say they are always there for us, flexible, and solution-oriented with great ideas and implementation. In the last year, we have already co-organized more than 10 company & team retreats together, all with great success, both for us as the organizing team and most importantly for our guests.
Blockchain Company
We have repeatedly been able to rely on the support of the competent team of Italiaplus, be it location research, tour planning or the application for permits for the use of public areas for photo and video recordings - always Italiaplus was able to support us very quickly and competently The agency did not face any difficulties with supporting programs for group travel - we will be happy to rely on professional support in the future as well.
Sven Glaas
Projekt X
It has always been a lot of fun to realize with both events, when you spend so much time together, the personal is enormously important.With their charm, their sympathy, a very special dynamic, the two convinced us after a short time and we have always had a good feeling and confidence in the team of Italiaplus, which is rare, and at an event of this size many unforeseen things happen that need to be resolved: professional communication and the way challenges are handled, has helped us a lot in many situations - there are no problems - sleeves are high and let's go.
Nadja Groos
Vapiana SE
It was a lot of fun working together with colleagues from Italiaplus, the always reliable and professional support has made a major contribution to the success, problems were always solved quickly and pragmatically, the pleasant way was an additional plus next joint action!
Anne Wollek
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Germany AG
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