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Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain
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Our Barcelona City Retreat – a corporate team bonding adventure: Explore Barcelona’s vibrant culture and stunning cityscapes to ignite your team’s spirit of collaboration.

Why Choose Barcelona for Your Upcoming Team Retreat?

Located along the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona offers a perfect mix of historical charm and vibrant urban life. It’s an ideal spot for teams aiming to blend work, relaxation and unforgettable bonding activities. Boasting over 15 years of expertise in organizing corporate retreats, Team Retreats by Italiaplus provides professional, adaptable, and genuine retreat planning services. We ensure your team doesn’t just attend a retreat but engages in a meaningful experience.

Our Retreat Experts will explore the opportunities for arranging a retreat tailored for you

Our Barcelona City Retreat Offers:

  • Personalized Team Building Activities: From city explorations that uncover Barcelona’s rich history and culture to interactive challenges navigating its picturesque streets and landmarks, each activity is designed to deepen team connections and enhance collaborative skills.
  • Optimal Meeting & Co-Working Spaces: Our retreat provides access to top-tier meeting spaces, ideal for networking, teamwork, and productivity, striking the perfect balance between team engagement and professional growth.
  • Complete Logistical Support: We handle all details, ensuring a seamless and secure retreat experience. From stays in centrally located hotels to organizing transportation and restaurant reservations, all is seamlessly arranged. Our retreats also come with essential insurance for peace of mind.
  • Professional On-Site Event Management: Our experienced team of event coordinators and project managers will be with you throughout, ensuring impeccable organization and support for all your retreat activities.
  • Genuine Local Encounters: Immerse in Barcelona’s distinctive charm, blending historic legacy with modern flair. Participate in exclusive workshops, taste local food and discover hidden gems known only to locals.
  • Tailored Retreat Themes: Customized to meet your specific objectives, whether it’s improving leadership abilities, inspiring creativity, or simply unwinding and reinforcing team ties, our retreats are crafted to resonate with your team’s unique goals and ambitions.

Hotels for all group sizes in Barcelona

Are you seeking accommodations in Barcelona for groups of any size? Traveling with your team, you’ll discover a range of hotels tailored to meet your needs, ensuring a comfortable stay. Immerse yourself in a fusion of relaxation, learning, and teamwork with lodging options crafted for groups eager to explore the enchanting capital of Catalonia. Prepare to enjoy the perfect blend of hospitality and excitement throughout your stay in Barcelona!

Team Activities for your Group in Barcelona to choose from

Whether you’re soaking in the views from a seaside walk or participating in interactive experiences, Barcelona’s vibrant city awaits your group’s exploration. Plunge into a mix of enjoyment, education, and teamwork in Barcelona!

Snacks in tapas bar in Spain, traditional Spanish food.

The guide will lead you on a journey through three distinct neighborhoods, including the historic Old Town of Barcelona, pausing at four authentic tapas eateries along the way. At each spot, you’ll savor local Catalan specialties and traditional tapas, including dishes like patatas bravas, croquettes, the famous Spanish tortilla, Galician-style octopus, and cured tuna loin, all complemented by hand-selected wines, cava, and vermouth.

Group of friends relaxing on luxury yacht. Having fun together while sailing in the sea.

Embark on an exceptional catamaran experience tailored for team events, where the friendly crew guarantees an unforgettable time with your colleagues. Explore a range of options to elevate your tour, from serene sails to exciting activities, all available year-round at Barcelona Port Olympic.

flamenco in spain

A flamenco team-building workshop is an excellent choice to energize your team, as it combines the passion and rhythm of traditional Spanish dance with the principles of effective teamwork. Through learning the steps and movements of flamenco, team members will develop better coordination and non-verbal communication skills, while the shared challenge of mastering a new art form will naturally lead to stronger bonds and improved collaboration.

Happy team of five paintball players outdoors

Engage in an exhilarating outdoor team activity with paintball, where strategic teamwork and adrenaline-pumping fun collide. Immerse your team in a thrilling experience filled with teamwork challenges and strategic gameplay, perfect for fostering communication and camaraderie. Our paintball sessions are designed to create lasting memories and strengthen bonds.

Wine tasting Barcelona

This activity offers an introduction to the art of pairing wine with food, featuring a tasting of five distinct wines accompanied by five different courses. Participants will delve into the nuances of matching flavors and textures to enhance the dining experience.

dragon boat paddlers in action

Dragon boat racing is an exhilarating team-building activity that combines strength, coordination, and strategy. Participating in a dragon boat race fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie among team members, making it an ideal event for fostering collaboration and mutual support within a group.

Paella workshop

Embark on a culinary journey starting at La Boqueria Market, sourcing fresh ingredients. Then, immerse in a Sangria workshop paired with seasonal tapas. Conclude with a hands-on Paella class by Chef Gabriel, catering to all skill levels.

Join our thrilling outdoor escape game where you and your team of 5-6 players will follow a treasure map, explore five exciting locations, and solve puzzles to crack the mystery! Be the first to solve it and win an amazing prize. End the adventure with a relaxing drink at a cozy café nearby, making it the perfect team-building event in Barcelona.

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Why Team Retreats by Italiaplus?

Celebrated for our problem-solving mindset and professionalism, we are the preferred partner for businesses looking to revitalize their team dynamics and encourage collaboration in motivating environments. Our customized Barcelona retreats are more than mere journeys; they are crafted experiences aimed at strengthening team cohesion and productivity, particularly suited for remote or hybrid teams seeking inspiration in the vibrant city.

Sample Itinerary for your Corporate Retreat in Barcelona

Discover bespoke retreats tailored to your needs, providing adjustable lengths to seamlessly align with your timetable. Each day can be personalized, guaranteeing your retreat aligns precisely with your aspirations and objectives.

Day 1 - Check-in, Meetings & Dinner in Barcelona

  • Arrival at your hotel & Check-in
  • In the afternoon meetings and a coffee break
  • Time to freshen-up and Free time
  • Get-together & Welcome-aperitif
  • Dinner in the hotel restaurant

Day 2 - Workshops and Meetings & Barcelona City Tour

  • After breakfast workshops and meetings
  • Coffee break in the morning
  • Lunch in the hotel restaurant
  • Meetings and Co-Working after lunch
  • In the afternoon Barcelona City tour with the team
  • Dinner in a cozy restaurant

Day 3 - Workout, Meetings & Team Building Activity

  • Morning workout with the team
  • Half-day workshops and meetings
  • Lunch at the hotel restaurant
  • Team building activities (e.g., Catamaran Experience, Outdoor Escape Game, Culinary Team Building) for all participants
  • Evening at leisure, free choice or dinner arrangement

Day 4 - Meetings & Co-Working, Closing Dinner

  • Full-day or half-day meetings & workshops
  • Lunch in the hotel restaurant
  • Networking & Co-Working in the afternoon
  • Free time
  • Aperitif & Dinner in a beautiful restaurant
  • Closing night in a trendy bar with music or live entertainment

Day 5 - Half day Meetings, Lunch & Departure

  • After Breakfast Check-out
  • Half day meetings in the hotel
  • Coffee break in the morning
  • Lunch in the hotel restaurant
  • Departure

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