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Our Prague City Retreat – a journey of corporate team unity: Dive into Prague’s rich history and breathtaking city views to foster your team’s collaborative spirit.

Why Choose Prague for Your Next Team Retreat?

Located in the heart of Europe, Prague, the Czech Republic’s historical jewel, offers an exquisite blend of ancient allure and dynamic city life. It’s the perfect setting for teams looking to combine work with pleasure and engaging team-building activities. With over 15 years of experience in organising corporate retreats, Team Retreats by Italiaplus delivers expert, flexible, and authentic retreat planning services. We ensure your team not only participates in a retreat but is immersed in a transformative experience.

Our Retreat Experts will explore the opportunities for arranging a retreat tailored for you

Our Prague City Retreat Offers:

  • Personalized Team Building Activities: Delve into Prague’s historical essence and panoramic views with activities designed to strengthen team bonds and enhance collaborative skills. From exploring the city’s ancient heritage to engaging in interactive quests through its scenic streets and landmarks, each activity fosters deeper connections and teamwork.
  • Optimal Meeting & Co-Working Spaces: Our retreat provides premier meeting facilities, perfect for fostering networking, teamwork, and productivity, achieving an ideal blend of professional development and team engagement.
  • Complete Logistical Support: We take care of every detail to ensure a smooth and secure retreat experience. From accommodations in central hotels to arranging transportation and dining, everything is meticulously planned. Our retreats also include essential insurance for your peace of mind.
  • Professional On-Site Event Management: Our skilled event coordinators and project managers will accompany you, guaranteeing flawless organization and support throughout your retreat activities.
  • Genuine Local Encounters: Experience Prague’s unique allure, where historical tradition meets contemporary vibrancy. Engage in exclusive workshops, savor local cuisine, and explore secret spots known only to natives.
  • Tailored Retreat Themes: Designed to align with your specific goals, whether enhancing leadership skills, sparking creativity, or simply relaxing and strengthening team bonds, our retreats are personalized to echo your team’s distinct objectives and aspirations.

Hotels for all group sizes in Prague

Are you on the hunt for accommodations in Prague suitable for any group size? Embark on a journey with your team and discover a range of hotels crafted to fulfill your specific needs, promising a delightful stay. Immerse yourselves in an ideal blend of relaxation, educational experiences, and team-building opportunities in accommodations designed for groups eager to delve into the historic allure of Prague. Anticipate a stay where exceptional hospitality meets the excitement of exploring this enchanting city!

Team Activities for your Group in Prague to choose from

From taking in the panoramic city views on a hilltop stroll to engaging in lively, interactive experiences, Prague’s historic allure is ready for your group’s discovery. Dive into a blend of fun, learning, and team building in Prague. Embrace the city’s unique combination of educational and enjoyable activities that foster team spirit and create unforgettable memories!

At the Medieval Dinner & Show in Prague, guests are transported back in time to enjoy a traditional 5-course feast, reminiscent of the medieval era. The dinner is accompanied by a captivating show featuring swordsmen, jugglers, and dancers, all set in an authentic, candle-lit medieval tavern. Patrons can savor the rich flavors of historical dishes while sipping on drinks, making for a memorable and immersive experience in the heart of Prague.

Classic Czech goulash with dumplings, delicious heavy food, homemade Karlovarsky dumplings

Join a Czech cooking class and immerse your team in the preparation of traditional Czech cuisine in an engaging and interactive environment. Experience the rich culture, traditions, and customs of the Czech Republic through the flavors of its food. This unique culinary adventure includes tasting, drinking, cooking, and learning, all while having fun.

During this unique team retreat activity in Prague, participants get the thrilling opportunity to become professional trike drivers, exploring the city’s hidden gems under the guidance of an expert. They will discover the best viewpoints for capturing stunning photographs and admire the city’s UNESCO World Heritage landmarks.

Escape the room or escape game, is a physical game where players are locked in a room and a required to examine clues and solve a puzzles. The word “Xcape” is the password for this cryptex riddle

The Escape Room activity offers teams a thrilling and intellectually stimulating experience, where participants must collaborate to solve puzzles, decode messages, and unlock secrets to escape within a set time limit.

The Cycle Boat in Prague offers a unique eco-friendly experience, allowing teams to enjoy the city from the river. This activity combines leisurely cycling with the pleasure of sipping beer, all while floating along the picturesque waterways of Prague. It’s a fun and social way to bond and create unforgettable memories with colleagues or friends.

Old lanterns illuminating a dark alleyway medieval street at night in Prague, Czech Republic. Low key photo with brown yellow tones from the lanterns as single light sources against the dark shadows

Embark on a team adventure into Prague’s shadowy past. Traverse narrow, cobblestone paths steeped in legends of alchemists and ghosts. Leave the bustling Old Town Square behind and discover a haunting neighborhood rich in history and mystery, perfect for team exploration.

Unique boat experience in Prague, merging business with pleasure by hosting a party, presentation, or training on one of the luxurious boats. With first-class catering, professional service, customizable decoration and program options.

Happy male and female friends in casuals giving high-five after playing with building blocks in forest

Team Olympics is a dynamic and engaging team-building activity that pits different groups against each other in a series of competitive events. This activity is designed to enhance cooperation, communication, and camaraderie among team members. It’s a fun-filled way to foster a spirit of teamwork and healthy competition, making it an ideal choice for corporate retreats.

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Why Team Retreats by Italiaplus?

Celebrated for our problem-solving mindset and professionalism, we are the preferred partner for businesses looking to revitalize their team dynamics and encourage collaboration in motivating environments. Our customized Prague retreats are more than mere journeys; they are crafted experiences aimed at strengthening team cohesion and productivity, particularly suited for remote or hybrid teams seeking inspiration in the heart of Czech Republic’s vibrant capital.

Sample Itinerary for your Corporate Retreat in Prague

Discover bespoke retreats tailored to your needs, providing adjustable lengths to seamlessly align with your timetable. Each day can be personalized, guaranteeing your retreat aligns precisely with your aspirations and objectives.

Day 1 - Check-in, Meetings & Dinner in Prague

  • Arrival at your hotel & Check-in
  • In the afternoon meetings and a coffee break
  • Time to freshen-up and Free time
  • Get-together & Welcome-aperitif
  • Dinner in the hotel restaurant

Day 2 - Workshops and Meetings & Prague City Tour

  • After breakfast workshops and meetings
  • Coffee break in the morning
  • Lunch in the hotel restaurant
  • Meetings and Co-Working after lunch
  • In the afternoon Prague City tour with the team
  • Dinner in a cozy restaurant

Day 3 - Workout, Meetings & Team Building Activity

  • Morning workout with the team
  • Half-day workshops and meetings
  • Lunch at the hotel restaurant
  • Team building activities (e.g., Cycle Boat Experience, Culinary Team Building) for all participants
  • Evening at leisure, free choice or dinner arrangement

Day 4 - Meetings & Co-Working, Closing Dinner

  • Full-day or half-day meetings & workshops
  • Lunch in the hotel restaurant
  • Networking & Co-Working in the afternoon
  • Free time
  • Aperitif & Dinner in a beautiful restaurant
  • Closing night in a trendy bar with music or live entertainment

Day 5 - Half day Meetings, Lunch & Departure

  • After Breakfast Check-out
  • Half day meetings in the hotel
  • Coffee break in the morning
  • Lunch in the hotel restaurant
  • Departure

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