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Countryside retreat for groups & Teams

Welcome to our Countryside Retreat in Tuscany, Italy, a bespoke corporate team-building experience by Team Retreats by Italiaplus, where the stunning landscapes of Italy serve as the backdrop for an unforgettable team-building journey.

Why Choose the Countryside for your next Team Retreat?

Nestled in the heart of Italy, the Tuscan countryside offers a serene escape where rustic charm meets breathtaking beauty. It’s the perfect setting for teams looking to blend work, leisure, and transformative bonding experiences. With over 15 years of expertise in orchestrating tailored corporate retreats, Team Retreats by Italiaplus provides a professional, flexible, and authentic retreat planning service, ensuring your team enjoys not just a retreat, but a milestone experience in one of Europe’s most picturesque locales.

Our Retreat Experts will discuss the possibilities of organizing a tailored retreat for you.

Our Tuscany Team Retreat Offers:

  • Tailored Team Building Activities: From engaging vineyard tours that delve into the art of winemaking to interactive challenges amidst Tuscany’s rolling hills and historic towns, such as a paparazzi team challenge or team beach games on the seaside, each activity is designed to solidify team bonds and enhance collaborative skills.

  • Ideal Meeting and Co-Working Spaces: Our retreat offers access to excellent meeting and co-working facilities in Lisbon, ideal for fostering networking, collaboration, and productivity. This ensures your retreat perfectly blends team bonding with opportunities for professional growth.
  • Comprehensive Logistical Support: We manage every aspect of your retreat, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout your stay. From accommodations in a charming Hotel in Tuscany which can be even booked exclusively (“buyout”) to transportation and authentic dining arrangements, we’ve got everything covered, including necessary insurance for total peace of mind.
  • Expert On-Site Event Management: Our dedicated team of event planners and project managers will be on hand to ensure smooth execution and to support all your retreat needs, especially for large groups that require more attention, making every aspect of your Tuscan getaway effortless.

  • Authentic Local Experiences: Immerse your group in the cultural diversity of Tuscany. Engage in culinary workshops enjoy the famous regional dishes and discover secret historical gems cherished by the locals.

  • Customizable Retreat Themes: Whether you aim to boost team work, ignite creativity, or simply relax and bond, our retreats are customizable to meet your team’s specific needs and goals. Enjoy a unique retreat experience that combines authentic experiences, culture, and effective team-building in the heart of Italy.

Tuscany, IT
May 29, 2024
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The Perfect Hotel in Tuscany for your Team Retreat

Traveling with your team or large group to Tuscany and staying at this hotel will introduce you to a range of amenities tailored to your needs. It enhances your visit, with a combination of teamwork, relaxation, and genuine experiences. Situated in the captivating hills, this hotel provides a distinct atmosphere featuring amenities crafted for groups excited to delve into the region’s rich cultural legacy. Immerse yourself in a blend of classic hospitality and interactive pursuits, all within the charming setting of Tuscany! Additionally, we offer other hotel options perfect for offsite company events, ensuring we have the ideal accommodation to suit your specific requirements.

Group Activities in Tuscany for big groups to choose from

Whether you’re enjoying the views from a vineyard or taking part in hands on activities Tuscanys captivating region beckons your group to explore. Dive into a mix of fun learning and teamwork in Tuscany! Opportunities for activities are available for big groups allowing everyone to engage in a blend of enjoyment, education and collaboration while, in Tuscany!

Embark on an adventure with your colleagues to uncover the allure of Tuscany through wine tastings at vineyards guided tours of historic towns and interactive cooking classes that showcase the regions culinary mastery. Whether its a bike ride amidst rolling hills or a culinary session in an elegant villa Tuscany provides an ideal backdrop, for unforgettable group experiences. Experience a blend of relaxation and team bonding in one of Italys most enchanting areas!

Gather your team for a cooking session set in the beautiful surroundings of Tuscany! Led by chefs your group will whip up classic Tuscan dishes using fresh locally sourced ingredients. This hands on activity fosters teamwork, innovation and communication as you make your pasta bake authentic bread and prepare Tuscan sauces. The experience wraps up with a picnic in the vineyards, where you can enjoy your culinary masterpieces against a backdrop of breathtaking views. Elevate your team building outing into a culinary journey, with our Tuscany cooking workshop and vineyard picnic!

Immerse your group in a Tuscan experience with our Wine Olympics, a lively and engaging team building event. Put your teams wine knowledge and understanding of Tuscanys past to the test with our quiz promoting a friendly competitive spirit. Challenge your senses through a wine tasting activity, where team members rely on taste and aroma to identify local wines, fostering teamwork and communication. Engage in tasks like grape stomping and cork relay races that are both informative and ideal for building team camaraderie. Join us for the Wine Olympics, in Tuscany to make memories while strengthening the bonds within your team in this picturesque wine region.

Embark on a journey, with your team as you explore the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany on a Vespa tour. This special team building activity blends adventure, culture and stunning views creating memories that will last a lifetime. Travel through quaint villages, lush vineyards and historical sites while immersing yourself in the essence of Tuscany. Make stops at local wineries and charming eateries to taste the regions famous wines and delectable dishes. This experience offers not a thrilling ride but also chances for teamwork and shared adventures.

Explore the beauty of Tuscany on an exhilarating bike or e bike excursion, ideal for groups of any size! Traverse picturesque villages, vineyards and rolling hills while immersing yourself in the scenery. This engaging journey combines adventure, exploration and team unity. Whether you fancy a ride or a more demanding trail our tours cater to all levels of expertise. Make pit stops at local wineries and historical landmarks along the route to foster connections and create lasting moments. Embark on a bike or e bike tour and savor the essence of Tuscany, on two wheels!

Get your group together for a fun and enjoyable pizza gathering in Tuscany! Ideal for teams this occasion blends tasty food with entertaining activities. Get a lesson in making pizza from chefs as you work the dough select your favorite toppings and cook your dishes in an authentic wood fired oven. Engage in contests to see who can create the best pizza and share jokes while admiring your culinary achievements. This interactive encounter not pleases your palate but also fosters stronger connections among team members, in a laid back and pleasant environment.

Unleash your team’s potential with an exhilarating team challenge in the stunning landscapes of Tuscany! Designed for groups of all sizes, this dynamic event includes obstacle courses, treasure hunts, and creative puzzles that test problem-solving skills and foster collaboration. Set against Tuscany’s picturesque countryside, each challenge encourages teamwork, strategic thinking, and effective communication. Experience the thrill of competition and the joy of accomplishment as your team works together to conquer each task. Elevate your team-building experience with our unforgettable team challenge in Tuscany!

Gather your team for a day of beach games along the picturesque Tuscan coastline! Take part in a range of competitive activities like beach volleyball stand up paddling, surfing and friendly sandcastle building competitions. Spice things up with relay races by the waters edge. These engaging activities aim to boost team morale, collaboration and offer a rejuvenating seaside escape. Soak in the coastal views while engaging in group adventures that promote teamwork and forge lasting connections. Immerse yourself in the mix of sunshine, sand and team bonding through our thrilling beach games, on the Tuscan coast!

Gather your team for a wine and olive oil tasting adventure in the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany! Delve into the flavors of the area through expert led tastings of local wines and top quality olive oils. Discover the processes and rich histories behind these Tuscan delicacies from knowledgeable sommeliers and olive oil experts. This hands on experience is crafted to strengthen team connections ignite discussions and offer a delightful sensory journey. Enjoy the essence of Tuscany amidst countryside views creating a perfect mix of leisure learning and team unity. Immerse yourself in the tastes of Tuscany, with our wine and olive oil tasting escapade!

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Why Choose Team Retreats by Italiaplus?

Celebrated for our proactive and solution-oriented methodology, as well as our professionalism, we are the go-to partner for businesses aiming to revitalize their team dynamics and foster collaboration in inspiring settings. Our tailored retreats offer more than just a getaway—they are thoughtfully designed experiences that enhance team unity and boost productivity, especially for remote teams. Partner with us to transform your team’s potential and drive success.

Experience the Ultimate Team Retreat in Tuscany: Sample Itinerary

Discover how our meticulously planned team retreat in Tuscany can transform your team’s dynamics and productivity. Here’s a sneak peek into what your customized itinerary might look like:

Day 1 - Check-in, Meetings & Dinner in the Hotel

  • Arrival at your beautiful 4-star hotel & Check-in
  • Afternoon meetings with a coffee break
  • Free time & time to freshen-up
  • Get Together & Welcome drink or wine- and olive oil-tasting with local finger food
  • Dinner in the hotel

Day 2 - Meetings, Workshops & Sightseeing Tour

  • After breakfast team meetings and workshops
  • Coffee break in the morning & Lunch in the hotel
  • Meetings, workshops and Co-Working after lunch
  • In the afternoon interactive team event (e. g. team cooking pasta or pizza), followed by a pizza party or team dinner on the "Piazzetta" of the hotel

Day 3 - Workout, Meetings & Team Building Activity

  • Yoga or Morning fitness or team workout with professional trainers
  • Half-day meetings and workshops
  • Coffee Break & Lunch at the hotel
  • Team building activity (e.g. beach games on the Tuscan coast, a bike tour or an interactive Paparazzi Tour) for the whole group
  • Evening in a beach club or at the hotel pool

Day 4 - Half day Meetings, Lunch & Departure

  • After Breakfast Check-out
  • Half day meetings or team activity
  • Coffee break in the morning & Lunch in the hotel
  • Departure

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